Tuesday, 1 July 2014

GI Joe Resurgence! Day 1 - Groundpounder & Monarch

Groundpounder – Single Card 7.99$ MSRP

From the desk of Oreobuilder:
Like a lot of other figures and vehicles in this project, Groundpounder was a character that I had thought up a long time ago.  One of my favorite aspects of GI Joe, and what attracted me to the original toy line in ’82 was the ‘’little green soldier’’ feel of the figures. When Bucky suggested we reboot GI Joe our way, Groundpounder was one of the first characters I thought of, even if I didn’t know what he looked like yet. I wanted to convey the idea of a modern member of the original 13 so, he ended up being mostly an Ultimate Duke repaint.

Monarch – Single Card 7.99$ MSRP 

From the desk of Bucky:
Monarch was slated to be a redone custom of a character from a long time ago that was on the bivouac, name General Helmsley.  I bought the torso from angel forge with the idea of going back and updating old customs for the "Way Back Wednesday" idea that was hatched from the custom celebration.  That concept didn't really catch on, so I transferred the look from the figure to this project, and used the name from another older figure on the bivouac that I had submitted.  I wanted him to be a backstabbing s.o.b., and Justin (generalsjoes.com) came up with the bio for him, tying him into Cobra's past in a way I would have never imagined.


  1. Excellent custom work! I'd buy them!

  2. Are you going to sell? This is the line we've been waiting for.

  3. It would be fun if Hasbro offered a similar line. It would be great if they took notice and decided to re-inject some energy into GIJoe at retail. However, we created this project for fun, not to start any movements lol.


  4. Hi! I adore this character! (And, frankly, this entire project.) I'd love to have one of these guys, but I've never been a customizer before. If I were to ask nicely, could you list the parts you used so I make a stab at building my own?

  5. Hi! Happy to oblige.

    For Monarch:
    Head: Star Wars Geek cast
    Torso: Angel Forge
    Arms: Jungle Viper
    Legs: RoC Heavy Duty

    For Groundpounder:
    Head, helmet: DG Duke
    Vest: Pit Commando
    Rest: Ret Ultimate Duke

  6. Thank you for the help… If it goes well, I may ask again on some of the other figures in the project… Would that be OK?

  7. No problem, let me know what you need.