Thursday, 24 April 2014

50th Anniversary: Tiger Force Tripwire

Collectors are split in their opinions when it comes to Tiger Force. Some love it, others are turned off by the bright color scheme. When the line came out in 1988, I was 12 and growing out of Joes. I remember seeing the commercials on TV and thinking that the figures and vehicles were really cool, but I never got any as a kid. When I started collecting as an adult, I picked up a couple of vehicles - the Tigerfly and Tigerfish - and immediately took to them.

Unfortunately, up to now, I have not taken the time to expand the ranks of my Tiger Force team much beyond the 25th Anniversary figures that we got - Flint, Duke and Wild Bill. I did make my own Wreckage and Star Duster a few years ago. Those customs are outdated now as are the original 25th figures.

So, in an effort to modernize my Tiger Force roster, here is the next entry in my series of ''Ultimate'' style figures: Tiger Force Tripwire. Hopefully, he will be the first of many to come.



With the other ''Ultimates''


  1. Outstanding! love me some tiger force!

  2. Um. This probably goes without saying. But...Incredible, wonderful work Sir! I mean really amazing!