Sunday, 2 March 2014

Project New Sculpt by Bucky and OB Day 14

‘’Crosshair was on my list to make soon after I had made dart last summer.  I began to put him together and shelved him in favor of other customs that I had going at the time, so when the project came about, I modified the wip I had had going and came up with a better recipe that what I had before, and he became one of the first I completed.’’

‘’The DTC line actually had two versions of Spirit. Both share the same construction. However, the black suited one from the comic pack has the superior color scheme in my opinion. This version is perfect for a tracker and my take on DTC Spirit will find a home with my Night Force figures.’’


‘’When I made the decision to do Scarlett, I knew I had to go get the black widow head.  I thought the recipe I had was decent enough to be a great homage to the new sculpt version, and double as an "ultimate" version for my collection.  I am not a fan of most of the heads that Hasbro has used for Scarlett in the past opulence of years, and really wanted to try something different.  I'm very happy with how ol’ red turned out.’’

‘’Here he is, Joecustoms’ favorite unofficial bad boy mascot: Big Brawler. For my interpretation, I tried to actually make him into a genuine bad-a$$, not just a wannabe. I kept the tattoo from the base figure and went with the Tiger Force paint scheme. It seemed like the more interesting of the choices. I also changed the direction of the tiger stripes, so he would fit with the rest of the TF team.’’

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