Tuesday, 18 March 2014

50th Anniversary: Super Joe and Gor

In 1977, with the rising cost of oil and more competition in the Action Figures aisle from companies like Mego, Hasbro introduced a new Joe. No longer 12’’ tall, Super Joe stood a mere 8’’ tall and still included a form of ‘’Kung-Fu Grip’’. The story of Super Joe would bring him to outer space for even more adventures.

Super Joe came equipped with a light vest that connected to a power pack. The light was a weapon to fight his enemies. Building on the idea of the Intruders, Hasbro introduced a new enemy for Super Joe to fight: The Terrons and their evil leader Gor. He also included a chest light – his ‘’Destructo Ray – that would emit a red beam and allow him to conquer the Earth.

These customs were made for the recent Customs Celebrations at Joecustoms.com. The two-week challenge was to create a figure based on the 50th Anniversary of GI Joe. Super Joe was the last theme of the seventies that I had not tackled during my 50th Anniversary Tribute. I thought this was a good opportunity to add an addendum to the project.

So, here are Super Joe Commander and Gor, King of the Terrons.

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