Thursday, 27 March 2014

50th Anniversary: Lift-Ticket

To continue my series of updated characters for the 50th Anniversary, I looked at 25th Lift-Ticket. The release of the newly-tooled Eaglehawk last year was a perfect opportunity to revisit this character.

The base 25th figure was not all bad. The torso, vest, helmet and arms still work 7 years later. Unfortunately, the head was goofy and LT was stuck with Mutt’s ‘’thunder thighs’’ legs. Once these parts were swapped out for modern components, I gave LT a new slightly darker coat of paint.



Friday, 21 March 2014

50th Anniversary: Ripcord

I am thinking about a new series of customs that celebrate all the various eras of GI Joe. Slowly, over the course of the year, I plan on rebuilding several characters in the goal of making the best version possible. These characters would be pulled from various eras: ARAH, New Sculpt, 25th, etc. So, in the spirit of Joe’s golden anniversary, let’s continue the year-long celebration with some ARAH tributes.

Most fans agree that the 25th Anniversary version of Ripcord (or Spc Altitude) from the Cobra Island 7-pack had some flaws. From the choice of the head to the helmet and the air hose that did not plug into anything, there was definitely room for improvement.

With this custom, I started from scratch. I used the Retaliation GI Joe Trooper as a base and swapped out the lower legs, added the Retaliation Airborne gear and Renegades Ripcord helmet. It came together pretty well.



Tuesday, 18 March 2014

50th Anniversary: Super Joe and Gor

In 1977, with the rising cost of oil and more competition in the Action Figures aisle from companies like Mego, Hasbro introduced a new Joe. No longer 12’’ tall, Super Joe stood a mere 8’’ tall and still included a form of ‘’Kung-Fu Grip’’. The story of Super Joe would bring him to outer space for even more adventures.

Super Joe came equipped with a light vest that connected to a power pack. The light was a weapon to fight his enemies. Building on the idea of the Intruders, Hasbro introduced a new enemy for Super Joe to fight: The Terrons and their evil leader Gor. He also included a chest light – his ‘’Destructo Ray – that would emit a red beam and allow him to conquer the Earth.

These customs were made for the recent Customs Celebrations at The two-week challenge was to create a figure based on the 50th Anniversary of GI Joe. Super Joe was the last theme of the seventies that I had not tackled during my 50th Anniversary Tribute. I thought this was a good opportunity to add an addendum to the project.

So, here are Super Joe Commander and Gor, King of the Terrons.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Project New Sculpt: Group Shots and Final Thoughts

''This is the most amount of customs I have ever done at once, in this short of period of time. The project took around 4 months to complete, starting with brainstorming in late September. My basement was a complete and utter disaster for most of the time, though I now have systems in place to keep it better organized.

I literally would have dreams about the project and sometimes couldn't sleep as I kept "kit bashing" in my head while trying to doze off. Some of my better ideas came up while trying to fall asleep. I wrapped up my end the day before a surgery that left me in crutches and a wheelchair for a month.

I’m currently thinking of a way to top this.''

''When Bucky approached me in September with the idea of doing a New Sculpt Event, I took to the idea immediately. It was an idea that I had been kicking around for some time. However, I was not sure about the timing. I was one month into creating my 50th Anniversary Tribute and I was not sure where I would find the time to work on both projects. Fortunately, Bucky understood and we agreed on a February reveal. At the same time, thanks to Pluv and the Joecustoms staff, we decided to integrate our event with Customs Celebration VIII.

Although the last 6 months have been insanely busy customs-wise, I’m really happy with how this project came out. I was afraid that by juggling both Project New Sculpt and the 50th Anniversary Tribute, one or both projects would suffer. However, I found that by doing both simultaneously, I could switch projects when I was losing steam on one. Since the two projects are set in different time periods and contain vastly different styles, looks and colors, it was always refreshing to move back and forth between the two.

More importantly, working with a partner for the first time was a terrific experience. We could bounce ideas of each other, critique each other’s work and motivate the other to keep going. It was so much fun that we have already started brainstorming our next joint project!''

Enjoy these group shots:

And, some work-in-progress pics: