Thursday, 27 February 2014

Project New Sculpt by Bucky and OB Day 11

A reminder that there is still time to take part in Customs Celebration VIII over at Joecustoms:

''Towards the last couple of weeks I was making these, OB was just slaying me with the incredible WIPs he was sending me and ideas that he had.  I was starting to lose steam, and I had kind of run out of ideas...and fodder!
 I sat down for a couple of nights and poured through's archives trying to come up with ideas, and made some notes.  Fodder was getting hard to come by, but by luck, I had a table set up at Assembly Required and was able to make a couple of rounds to the dealer tables and buy some stuff and start on it while I was there.  Blowtorch is a retaliation Duke base with lower legs from retaliation zartan, both purchased from joeczar, Blowtorch and some others were started very sneakily at the Joecustoms booth.  It's a very simple recipe and I love the way it turned out.''

‘’I made this custom with Python Patrol in mind. I always saw Spytroops Dr Mindbender as that sub-team’s version of the character. The black and red color scheme and the snake skin pattern on the pants certainly evoke the New Sculpt PP colors.’’

‘’Introduced in the Spytroops line, Red Spot was GI Joe’s third Laser trooper. The original had a cool look, but needed some adjustments for the proportions and the color was a little bland. This was a good opportunity to modernize the figure. The Retaliation GI Joe Trooper mold was a good base. I went back and forth on the helmet. The PoC Beachhead helmet may not be my final choice, but it works for now.’’


  1. Whose head is that underneath Blowtorch's helmet?

  2. Right now, it is just a masked head, but I believe Bucky has a second swappable head if he wanted to display him without his helmet.