Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Project New Sculpt by Bucky and OB Day 10

''I wanted to do Beach for the project, he had a unique look with the large gloves and rolled up sleeves in that era, which I tried to duplicate here. It ends up being somewhat of an interpretation of the new sculpt version rather than a straight up redo of the new sculpt version.''

''Dusty was a last minute entry to boost the ranks up on my end.  The original recipe I had just didn't pan out, so in the end, he ended up as almost an lbc.  I tried to change him up a little bit by adding the larger goggles, and used the new sculpt gear to tie him in with that era.''

''Rollbar is another new character introduced during the New Sculpt years. He got a couple of figures during that time and he was always a bit non-descript. As strange as it sounds, that is what attracted me to making this custom. GI Joe has always had a few ''generic'' looking soldiers – Grunt, Doc, Short Fuse, etc. Rollbar fits nicely into that group in my opinion.

The Humvee is barely a custom as I did not make any mods to it structurally or paint-wise. The base vehicle is the PTE Humvee and I added the Joe stickers.''

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