Friday, 21 February 2014

Project New Sculpt by Bucky and OB Day 5: Cobra Troops Friday

Custom Celebration VIII continues over at  You can check it out here:

And we are rolling right along with more New Sculpt Customs.

''Neo Vipers were at the top of my list for this project. I love the idea of genetically enhanced troopers. It is exactly the kind of thing that Cobra would invest in. The original was plagued with the dreaded T-crotch and/or funky colors, so I jumped at the opportunity to modernize them and give them a better color scheme.''

''The Cobra Viper is my favorite troop builder of all time (probably tied with Crimson Guard). This version of the Viper is one of the wackier ones. I always liked the 2005 version’s sculpt, despite the pea-sized head. I think it is a great modern version of a classic trooper. Since I had already made a blue version of this trooper in the Small Playsets Group Project - – I will use this version as an officer.''

''I ripped apart my Kwinn the minute I got him to do Duke. The legs got tossed in a bin. Fast forward to November, and I'm trying to come up with recipes for more figures for the project. Alpine wears shorts I thought, then that night OB sent me a mock up using those legs. I swear he can read my mind. Then, somebody out there in custom land made one, and it was fantastic! I then noticed that the BAT looks like he's wearing shorts, so that is where this custom came from, the need to do something with those shorts. Using a lot of different parts, this one was pretty fun. He's got the POC Duke upper torso, Flash bottom torso, Kwinn upper legs, ROC accelerator suit lowers, BAT upper arms, gloves from a Cobra Commander, and the original head. The button looking things on his chest are the rubber bumpers found in modern era legs. This guy was started at the joecustoms booth at Assembly Required and it was a fun figure to make.''

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