Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Project New Sculpt by Bucky and OB Day 3: VvV

‘’Sgt Bazooka got two figures during the Valor vs Venom days. This custom is based on his second one released in 2005. Although he has Bazooka’s file name, this figure looks more like Zap in appearance and he will fill that role in my collection.’’

‘’I love this figure - Slice. It's a neat departure from the fencing mask original. OB provided me with the new sculpt head, which I had my doubts would fit or look proportionate, until I popped it on there, and was pleasantly surprised. Not a completely accurate redo of the new sculpt version, but I tried to keep enough colors and elements of the original in the paint job and accessories.  He is one of my favorites.’’

‘’Ghost Bear came packaged with the Cobra Pulverizer Mech and was released in 2004. The character has only had one figure and is best remembered as Kwinn’s son.’’ 

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