Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Project New Sculpt by Bucky and OB Day 2: Spytroops

''The year 2003 saw the introduction of a new GI Joe theme – Spytroops. In this storyline, certain GI Joe members became spies and infiltrators to destroy Cobra from the inside. Agent Faces was introduced that year as a counterpart to Zartan. Agent Faces personifies the spirit of the Spytroops line. Since he had two different looks that year, I found it fitting to do both versions of Agent Faces.''

''Sgt Hacker was one of my top five new joes introduced in that era, along with Dart, Crosshairs, Swamp Rat and Blackout. He was one of the first five I had pieced together, literally within 5 minutes of getting the Data Viper, HJacker was ready to go.
The figure is not actually painted grey, it is two different washes of grey, followed by a wash of black. The head is from an A-Team figure, and looks pretty decent. The wrist pouches were scraps from various webgear.''


  1. Great, just great. Here you go again with some seriously bad-ass customs! and Hasbro turns a blind eye...