Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Project New Sculpt by Bucky and OB Day 9

''Blackout was one of the first I did, and if I remember right, may be the reason I started the project. I had received the club’s Blackout and was just so underwhelmed, I decided I could do better by just adding black paint to parts that looked like they would make a good figure. I had been looking into and had started creating several "new sculpt" figures (last year’s Dart for example), and Blackout was one of the first. As I soon discovered that I had a decent size project on my hands, I made the connection with Oreobuilder to see if he wanted to help me pull this together as a joint project. Blackout ended up being one of my favorites and after I wrapped him up the club’s version went to eBay, and the money from that went into more fodder for the project. While not an exact remake, I think he pulls off an instantly recognizable look.''

''Coils were one of the new types of Cobra troops created during the New Sculpt run. Ironically, these ''High Speed Motorcycle Drivers'' were never included with a motorcycle. To fix that, I made an updated version of the Venom Cycle for them to ride.''

''The New Sculpt Era was good to Shipwreck. He had a number of figures during that stretch and most of them were very good. The figure included with Cobra Mountain was well proportioned, well articulated, had an interesting color pallet and included gear to disguise ol’ Shippy into Cobra Commander. What’s not to like?''

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