Sunday, 23 February 2014

Project New Sculpt by Bucky and OB Day 7: Sound Attack 8-Pack

‘’I started with Roadblock just because I thought it would be fun and off the wall to throw him in there. He didn't really fit the vibe, even though he came out in the same era, he had been ARAH construction. I started to think it could be a fun side project, so then I came up with Firefly and Storm Shadow, which were very simple kit bashes and required little paint. So then, (Long story lol) I came up with a recipe for Dial Tone.

After that, I got stuck, and really didn't want to do the rest. I kept mentioning it to Oreobuilder, and he said he'd see what he could come up with, and sent me some WIPs of the rest that were awesome! The Fast Blast Viper inspired me to make my fast draw custom ( within a couple of days of seeing his WIP.’’


‘’The BJ’s Sound Attack 8-Pack exclusive was a weird duck when it was released. On the one hand, it gave collectors access to some cool molds (like Undertow, Fast Blast Viper and Firefly). On the other hand, the choice of accessories was, shall we say, lacking. For our customs, we tried to fix the problems in this set while accentuating what was cool about it.

For Wetsuit and Undertow, I used modern diver parts and added the dive gear. This version of Wetsuit will now be added to my Night Force shelf.

Fast Blast Viper is a bit of a re-imagining. I basically took the name and ran with it. The original did not have any special gear to make it ‘’Fast Blast’’. The Data Viper’s pack fills that void.’’

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