Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Project Binder

During my recent 50th Anniversary Tribute, a few people commented on the amount of research, planning and prep work that was needed to fill a whole month with new customs. It is an excellent point. During the research phase alone, I printed a couple hundred pages with images of the 60s and 70s toy lines. Taking on such a project required having tools to stay organized and make sure that the project ran smoothly.

One of the tools that I used was lovingly crafted by my Significant Other, Stephanie. Although she is not a Joe fan, she certainly recognizes my passion for it. Stephie loves to scrapbook, make cards and is in to arts and crafts, so she made me this project binder for my birthday. Her timing was perfect as she gave it to me when I was just starting my research. It allowed me to keep all my reference pictures organized. Now that the 50th is done, it will be repurposed for my next project.

I was so touched and the binder is so awesome, I wanted to share it. So here it is, my Project Binder.

Thanks Stephie!


  1. That's really cool. It's great to receive a special gift like that, especially from a significant other!