Friday, 31 January 2014

50th Anniversary Day 31: AT Headquarters

This is it, the final (new) entry for this project. The original Adventure Team Headquarters was released in 1972. The Adventure Team was at the height of its popularity. The original set was made from hard plastic and soft vinyl (for the walls). It was designed to fold up into a carrying case. Its features included a central ‘’elevator’’, a working searchlight and a sliding front door. It was divided into 4 main areas:

- The Map Room that had a table, maps and printed control stations

- The Equipment Room containing storage spaces and a rack to store clothing and gear

- A central area connecting the other three areas

- A second Story Command and Control room

My custom is made from a few different components. I kept the layout of the 4 sections. The front 2-story part is made from an Animal Planet Dinosaur compound set. I removed the outside elevator, added a few controls and repainted everything to match the original. The Map and Gear Rooms are Playmobil garages. I added the accessories and furniture and painted everything in vintage colors.

The Adventurer included with my HQ is a nod to the ‘’Life-Like Body’’ GI Joe that was released in 1975. Also, if you look closely, you’ll see an Adventure Team helicopter backpack… Ok, you don’t have to look that closely.




  1. This was probably the last big item that I had when I was a kid and actively playing with GI Joe. My Joes defended the HQ against all types of threats. Rampaging "Prehistoric Scenes" model dinosaurs were a usual opponent. I think I traded my HQ away to a younger friend. Said, but still cool because my HQ went on to live for a while longer.
    Excellent work on everything that you have done. I'm kinda' glad that all your customs aren't "real" because if they were, I would be broke!

  2. Thank you for the story. Sounds like your HQ was well played with and that is a great thing for a toy :-) I'm glad you enjoyed the month.