Monday, 13 January 2014

50th Anniversary Day 13: Crash Crew and Firetruck

Released in 1966, the Crash Crew set (7820) allowed kids to dress up their Action Pilot in a silver foil fire suit and various accessories and tools. The set included an ax, flashlight, strap cutter, and pliers.

The Crash Crew Fire Truck (8040) was released in 1967 and is probably one of the most iconic early GI Joe vehicles. It had several play features:

- Working siren and light

- Working pump and water cannon that could shoot up to ten feet

- 3 foot extendable ladder

My customs did not turn out as well as I would have hoped. I had some trouble with the silver. I plan to improve these in the future, but for now, they work well alongside the rest of the figures in this project.




  1. Just amazing. Coming and looking at your customs every day both brings a smile to my face and crushes my soul that Hasbro isn't releasing anything as half as cool as these.

  2. Well, the silver looks good to me. Amazing work as usual.

  3. Thanks guys. About the silver, I'm being nitpicky lol