Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Eagle Force Part 3: Savitar

Savitar's grandfather fought for the Kundutu Revolutionaries in the country's first civil war. After their defeat, he packed up his family and left their home to avoid the Great Purge that followed. Since then, three generations of his family have been born in exile, in Qatar, including Savitar.

Leaving his adopted country at the age of 13, Savitar trained with the Black Dragons. He then spent 3 years as an assassin-for-hire. When General Mamba came to power, Savitar saw his opportunity to return to his ancestral home. As fate would have it, Mamba could use the services of a trained assassin/bodyguard, so he brought the commando on board as part of his inner circle.
This custom is nothing very complex. It is a straight repaint. I had forgotten about the Mego Eagle Force line until Past Nastification posted some of his excellent customs. So I decided to adapt a few of these characters to my Joe-verse. Savitar gave me the opportunity to make the blue ninja I have wanted to do for a while now.




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