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Eagle Force! Part 1: General Mamba

For the latest Group Project over at, we needed to create a ''Rogue States'' that threatens GI Joe. We needed to create the History of the country, the national flag and the map as well as the leader, the top general and the troops.

For my entry, I decided to adapt the old Eagle Force villains, RIOT, and incorporate them into my Joe-verse. I called the new nation The Democratic Republic of Zambriot, and here is what I came up with.

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The Democratic Republic of Zambriot (ZRK) won its independence in 1921 when European colonial powers left after the Great War. The following year, civil war broke out between two factions vying for power - Zambriot Loyalists and Kundutu Revolutionaries. The war lasted 15 years until Zambriot General Oscar Kabila crushed his opponents, seized power and became dictator.

After his death in 1961, his son, General Nganla Kabila, took over power. This marked the beginning of two decades of economic stagnation, deep social change and food riots.

In 1981, with the government paralysed and on the verge of falling, President Kabila's top military official, General Mamba, negociated a secret agreement with a fledgling terrorist organization - Cobra. He then assassinated his president and seized power. Thanks to a rapid influx of Cobra equipment, military supplies and mercenary troops, General Mamba ordered his elite Shock Troopers to put down all riots and demonstrations and to pacify the population. During 1981-1982, it is estimated that over 150 000 were killed during this pacification period. Mamba declared himself Supreme Leader and renamed his country The Greater Republic of Zambriot.

In 1983, Zambriot took the offensive against neighboring countries. Bolstered by Cobra forces and modern equipment, Zambriot Shock Troops quickly invaded and defeated the neighboring Federation of Bulwaro. The small Kingdom of Kamapala surrendered a few months later without firing a shot and was annexed. A year later, General Mamba's gaze turned toward its western neighbour - The Republic of Equatorial Bamon. The REB proved to be a more stubborn foe, but they were finally defeated in 1986. Through these conquests, Zambriot more than tripled its territory and population.

Since then, with the continued aid of Cobra, General Mamba has ruled with an iron fist. The Zambriot fund Cobra with profits from their diamond sales, buy military materiel and allow the organization to set up training camps and military bases on their territory. In exchange, Cobra trains Zambriot troops and supplies extra forces for military campaigns.

Geography and Economy:
The Greater Republic of Zambriot is situated in East Africa. It borders Kenya in the South, Sudan in the North and West and the Indian Ocean on the East.

From 1983 to 1986, Zambriot has grown in size and strength. It conquered three sovereign nations: the Federation of Bulwaro, the Kingdom of Kamapala and the Republic of Equatorial Bamon. Since absorbing its three neighbouring countries, it has become an African power with a wide range of topographies, weather patterns, ethnic groups and economic activities.

Kundutu Province borders the Indian Ocean, is marked by desert conditions and has most of the country's large cities. Kundutu pirates, warlords and drug traffickers operate from the Province's ports.

Bamon Province is split in half by a mountain range. On the Northern side, it is marked by a lush jungle that grows one of the country's biggest exports the Tamalawa plant. Once refined, it is used in to make the drug utopia, which is popular in the United States.

The Bamon Mountain range is also rich in mineral and precious stones. This region produces the country's largest and most lucrative export: diamonds. Sales of these minerals fund the Zambriot military forces and support Cobra's operations in the region. 

General Mamba - Zambriot Supreme Leader

General Mamba is the Grandson of one of the leaders of the original Zambriot Loyalists that fought a bloody civil war against the Kundutu Revolutionaries.

He grew up in extreme poverty and was ''recruited'' into the military at age 6 when his village was burned to the ground by a local warlord. As Mamba grew up, he quickly rose through the ranks of the warlord's forces to become his right hand man. He learned to deceive, manipulate and lie to get what he wanted. When the opportunity arose to seize control of the warlord's army, Mamba took it. Shortly after, he hired out the services of his private army to the State and accepted an official position in the Zambriot military as a General. He bided his time, gained his leaders' trust and placed his people in key positions throughout the government. After a few years, he gained access to the president's inner circle.

In 1981, the government was facing assaults from all sides. Civil unrest was at an all-time high. Food riots broke out in the capital. General Mamba was ordered to put them down. Instead, he negotiated a secret agreement with Cobra and he initiated a coup d'├ętat. Thanks to Cobra backing and to his elite Shock Troopers, General Mamba managed to assassinate President Nabila and his loyalists and seize power. The fighting lasted only a few days. Entire army units surrendered or joined Mamba's side as he promised to pay them for the first time in months. After declaring himself Supreme Leader and renaming the country, he has ruled The Greater Republic of Zambriot with an iron fist

He is ruthless, paranoid, has an astute political mind and is an excellent military strategist. He has built the Zambriot military into a formidable war machine that is the second largest on the African Continent. Among the military forces he can count on his elite Riot Shock Troopers to follow his orders without question.
I debated whether or not to submit customs for this project at the beginning. I wrote a pretty interesting, albeit, generic, back-story for my Rogue east-African Nation. However, none of the characters that I created really resonated with me or fit into my Joe-verse, so I did not see the point of spending time and fodder making these if I was not completely committed to them. I had forgotten about the Mego Eagle Force line until Past Nastification posted some of his excellent customs. So I decided to adapt a few of these characters to my Joe-verse. General Mamba was the first one I decided to do and the others fell in place after that.

In doing some research of Eagle Force, I stumbled on an interview with its creator - Paul Kirchner. He states that general Mamba (who was based on Ugandan President Idi Amin) turned Caucasian just before hitting the market. In making this figure, I decided to go back to the original design intention. Also, it fit better with the nation and back-story. I then adapted my nation's back-story to incorporate references to R.I.O.T and Zambriot and that was that.

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