Friday, 15 November 2013

Crimson Guard

Crimson Guard - Cobra Legal Advisor and Liaison Officer

While writing and brainstorming ways to bring my Eagle Force customs into my Joe-verse, it struck me that Cobra would support the General Mamba regime. So, this project was a good opportunity to make Cobra agents that we don't see with the main force - Consultants, advisors, trainees, etc. It makes sense that Cobra would have training camps on several continents. In return for bases, Cobra could offer all kinds of consultants and trainers to the host nation.

All Crimson Guards, or Siegies, are experts in international law and finance. They help the Zambriot government finance its large military spending, knowing that most of that money gets back to Cobra. They also act as a liaison between Cobra Command and General Mamba. They insure that the African nation's activities correspond with Cobra's agenda. The ''Frank'' series of Crimson Guards, or Siegies, is assigned to the East Africa sector. Currently Frank XXII is on station, but ``The Franks`` rotate in and out of Zambriot on 3-month tours.

In that frame of mind, here is my take on a Cobra Crimson Guard Legal Advisor.

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