Friday, 4 October 2013

Customs Vault Part II: Pursuit of Cobra Barbecue

The Pursuit of Cobra theme was meant to follow up the Rise of Cobra movie in early 2010. Unfortunately, RoC movie figures had been produced in such large quantities, that retailers were not in a big rush to order more Joe product. The net result was that PoC was pushed back several months and was only released at the end of 2010. However, most Joe fans would probably agree that the line was well worth the wait.

The Pursuit of Cobra, or PoC, became one of the most beloved lines ever and it produced some fantastic figures. The level of articulation and sculpting were excellent and each figure came packed with a ton of accessories.

Unfortunately, since the line was relatively short lived (it had 6 waves), there were only a small number of characters released. This said, it presented an opportunity to fill the ranks with some customs. The first one presented is Barbecue. I made this figure in early 2011(?) to add to my PoC collection.




  1. That is an absolutely awesome Barbecue! You really captured my likeness well, particularly with the heavier clothes. I wish my gloves were a bit darker (more of a reddish orange) but everything else is spot on.

    BTW, thanks for showing me decked out with weapons and stuff- while I'm good with my axe, I also liek to fight just as much as any other Joe!