Sunday, 4 August 2013

Spare Parts Brigade: 1991 Grunt

With Battle Corps Month taking up most of my customizing time for the last while, I have not taken the time to post other projects that  I worked on recently. So, this is me playing catch-up.

Grunt was not my first GI Joe figure. He was probably my third (after Short-Fuze and Flash), but he was my first favorite. I loved his basic uniform and M-16. He embodied little green army men in a taller and more articulated form. His image was on comics and lunchboxes and catalogs. In my 6-year old mind he was GI Joe. Over the years, as the line expanded to include fewer green army men and more colorful characters, I found new favorite figures like Snake Eyes v2, Spirit, Barbecue, Crimson Guard and more.

However, Grunt will always be one of my favorites. I think that if I were to sort all my customs by character, Grunt would have the most versions in my collection. So, I decide to add another.

Grunt's 1991 figure was... unusual to say the least. His yellow pants, his screaming face, his yellow pants, his unusual weapons, did I mention his yellow pants? Regardless, I threw together some spare parts and made a modern version of this off-beat figure, because that what being a favorite means.



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