Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Cobra Ballistic Missile Silo w. SCUD-Viper

On Cobra Island, Cobra Commander has ordered his SCUD-Vipers to prepare to launch ballistic missiles at GI Joe targets. This play set includes SCUD-Viper, control room, silo hatch and Cobra intercontinental ballistic missile.

I bought a couple of cheap LAWs off eBay recently. They were beat up with old stickers. I figured I could use them for customs. As I was taking them apart to wash them, I was reminded of a missile silo hatch. This play set is the result of that inspiration. The fact that the SCUD-Viper would be fried the instant the missile launched strikes me as the kind of ridiculous setup that we would have gotten in 1980’s Joes.



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