Friday, 30 August 2013

A Quick Update

Since Battle Corps Month ended, I have been posting some stuff that was done for various projects, a couple of one-offs and some LBCs. Currently, I’m still working on a few commissions, the first of which I will show off here shortly. Also, I will be participating in the next Group Project due in October.

In addition to this, I have started working on a larger project. The theme and details will remain a secret for now, but I am hoping to make it a new month-long event.

So, stay tuned. I should have some new stuff to post in the next few weeks.


Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Spare Parts Brigade: Crimson Shadow Guards

In my Joe-Verse, the Crimson Shadow Guard is Cobra’s secret police.  They insure loyalty among the troops, they report to The Interrogator and they act as Cobra Commander’s closest bodyguards. They are highly trained, absolutely loyal and completely fanatical.

Here is a quick LBC made from spare parts. If I can buy some 25th Python CGs cheap, I may swap out the heads. For now, I’m pretty happy with the results.



Thursday, 15 August 2013

GI Joe Field Hospital

Lifeline tends to injured GI Joe soldiers at the Battle Corps Field Hospital. This play set includes Lifeline, sandbags, wooden reinforcements, camouflage tarp, cot, crates, medical supplies box, 2 water barrels, diagnostic computer, weapon rack with 3 rifles and medical emergency case.

This set was one of my first ideas for this project. Some of the inspiration came from watching “The Pacific” (HBO mini-series). I tried to reproduce the feel of the 1984-85 play sets with this one. I wanted something that looked right at home with the Bivouac or the Watch Tower.



Wednesday, 14 August 2013

LBC Brigade: Mirage

LBCs (or Lazy bastard customs) are a fun and quick way to customize. They often require little or no paint. Just a head or leg swap or changing some gear and equipment can  give you a brand new figure with minimal effort.

For fun, I slapped together Mirage. Originally released as part of the Mega Marines in the mid-nineties, he is a pretty obscure character. However, his original mold saw several re-releases during the GI Joe vs Cobra /Spytroops/ Valor vs Venom years.

Anyway, here is my LBC version of the character.



Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Cobra Ballistic Missile Silo w. SCUD-Viper

On Cobra Island, Cobra Commander has ordered his SCUD-Vipers to prepare to launch ballistic missiles at GI Joe targets. This play set includes SCUD-Viper, control room, silo hatch and Cobra intercontinental ballistic missile.

I bought a couple of cheap LAWs off eBay recently. They were beat up with old stickers. I figured I could use them for customs. As I was taking them apart to wash them, I was reminded of a missile silo hatch. This play set is the result of that inspiration. The fact that the SCUD-Viper would be fried the instant the missile launched strikes me as the kind of ridiculous setup that we would have gotten in 1980’s Joes.



Sunday, 11 August 2013

Cobra Viper Lockdown

Cobra has captured GI Jane and has locked her up in the dungeon of their secret desert temple. This play set includes GI Jane, Cobra Viper Guard, Cobra dungeon, weapons rack with rifles, table, 2 chairs and computer.

I spotted the True Heroes Pirates play sets a while back and waited for a sale to pick them up. I wanted to use some of the elements for the ''Small Playsets'' Group Project at I remembered the DTC Viper Lockdown and this play set was born. I have also been looking for way to make a VvV era new-sculpt Viper and this gave me an excuse to throw one (or three) together.

Friday, 9 August 2013

Cobra Island Security Checkpoint

Cobra Night Watch Troopers control, search and inspect vehicle traffic on Cobra Island through Checkpoint Python. Play set includes Cobra Night Watch Trooper, checkpoint building, wooden barricade, 2 cones, Cobra flag and tank barrier.

Oddly enough, the inspiration for this play set came from a recent trip to Mexico. After seeing tollbooths and Policia Federal on several roads and highways, I thought that Cobra Island would probably have a similar network of Police/Security Vipers that control traffic, inspect vehicles for contraband or search for infiltrators. After looking through my spare fodder, this play set was born. It is a simple idea, but I’m pretty happy with the result.