Monday, 8 July 2013

Battle Corps Month Day 8: Colonel Courage

GI Joe’s Strategic Commander and Patriot Driver, Colonel Courage’s claim to fame among fans is the fact that he wears a tie into battle.

This custom has been sitting on my shelves for a couple of years. It was never finished because I wasn’t crazy about the head that I had chosen. When I started to plan Battle Corps Month, the Colonel was going to have a place in it, so I updated the head and helmet and finished the paint. As much hate as the Wayans head gets, I think it works well here. Oh, and I left out the tie.




  1. I love Colonel Courage! I actually got him as a gift for volunteering at a charity event and really thought he was quite cool. While he's got some neon elements, he also has a very traditional military look that you've captured here brilliantly. I haven't been too excited by Hasbro released Joes in some time, but I'd easily snap all these guy in a heartbeat!

  2. Thanks! You summed up my thoughts on the good Colonel perfectly.