Sunday, 7 July 2013

Battle Corps Month Day 7: Frostbite and Snow Storm

Poor Frostbite.  It seems like he is always searching for an identity to call his own.  First released in 1985 with the Snow Cat, he was sporting a black beard. In 1988, he donned the colors of Tiger Force and changed his beard color to red. In 1993, a 3rd version of Frostbite was released.  This Battle Corps figure had died his beard brown. Subsequent versions had any one of these beards colors or none at all.

When I made my own custom of Frostbite, I had the beard painted brown like the Battle Corps figure that inspired it.  However, looking at the final result, I thought he looked too much like Shipwreck and changed it to black.

In 1994, GI Joe was winding down. That year, Hasbro released the fewest number of figures since 1982. The third and last figure of Snow Storm exchanged the white of previous versions. For my custom, I wanted to grasp some of the armor details that make him a High-Tech Snow Trooper. I’m not completely convinced of the final result. I believe that I will revisit this custom later on to make improvements.




  1. Both are awesome figures, but that Frostbite is amazing. Really, really good job there. I love how you worked in the grenades and the MP5 styled SMG.

    Also, a very cool use of Sci-Fi's full visored helmet on Snow Storm.

  2. Thank you! Frostbite is a favorite of mine as well.