Saturday, 6 July 2013

Battle Corps Month Day 6: Mace

In 1993, Mace was originally planned a member of the DEF (Drug Elimination Force) for the second series of the sub-line. However, the DEF concept was scrapped and the figures (Bulletproof, Law, Mutt and others) that were planned were rolled into the new Battle Corps line.

Mace himself is not all that interesting as a character. His codename is recycled from C.O.P.S., another Hasbro property, and his role and his appearance are basically the same as Chuckles. The 1993 Mace figure is well sculpted and has good color choices. My custom will serve in my version of the DEF.




  1. Awesome custom, Oreo! This guy had a great sculpt and style and it's great to see how well you've captured that here.

    He would make a great alternate version of Chuckles, wouldn't he? Maybe Chuckles in his "raid" gear.

  2. Thank you. Yes, he would make a great DEF Chuckles.