Friday, 5 July 2013

Battle Corps Month Day 5: Cobra Commander & Ace

I have always liked this version of the good Commander. The uniform is regal and full of pomp and circumstance. The black is menacing and intimidating and the silver highlights bring out the details in the mold.  Hasbro replicated this look in their line of ‘’DG Joes’’. That figure is the base for my custom. However, their figure was a little light on paint highlights and accessories, so my version attempts to fix this.

When ARAH started, Hasbro’s intention were to create an ‘’Action Vehicles’’ line where the figures were accessories to enhance the vehicular play. Thanks to great characterizations, the cartoon and the comic, the initial intention changed quite quickly. By 1993, vehicles were treated as an afterthought. The plastic was getting cheaper, the assemblies were less complex, contained fewer parts, were molded in crazy colors and were chunkier and less well proportioned.  One bright spot was the Ghoststriker X-16. It was a pretty decent representation of an F-16 and included a new Ace figure.  This version, a repaint from the previous year’s figure, finally gave us a realistic fighter jockey rather than an astronaut wannabe.
Years later, in the 25th anniversary line, Hasbro revisited our favorite fighter pilot in one of their Toys R Us exclusive 3-packs. This figure was my starting point. I swapped out the lower arms and legs and gave him a new helmet to create my take on Battle Corps Ace.



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