Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Battle Corps Month Day 23: Wild Bill and Beach Head

It seems ol’ Wild Bill has been shoppin’ at the Union Army Surplus Store. Yee haaww! In 1992, Hasbro gave us a new version of our favorite helicopter pilot. Sculpted with Civil War era details and given an appropriate color scheme, this version of the character was far removed from the Vietnam era Air Cavalry uniform that we got almost 10 years before. The mold was used twice in two years – once with black pants, then with white pants.

This figure was among the first that I made for this project. I have always found this version of Wild Bill interesting and wanted a modern version of it. Once I figured out the boots, the rest came together quickly. I skipped the yellow on the arms in favor of leaving them flesh tone.

Beach Head got two repaints during the Battle Corps years. The first one, from 1993, had a black vest. The following year, he was sporting a yellow vest. Both figures used the same mold that seemed to more SWAT inspired. He would certainly look right at home busting down doors with Shockwave and Bulletproof. In that sense, it makes the figure interesting to me.

Like Wild Bill, Beach Head was one of the first figures that I threw together at the beginning of the project. I built the figure starting from the Retaliation Night Fox head and went from there. I will probably use him alongside my other DEF figures or as part of an Urban Combat Squad of some kind.



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