Friday, 19 July 2013

Battle Corps Month Day 19: Wetsuit and Leatherneck

Along with Bazooka, Leatherneck is one of the most interesting re-dos of a character during the ‘90s in my opinion. Clad in yellow giraffe print pants, Leatherneck looks more like he is ready for a Safari adventure than combat as a marine.

This figure had to be a part of this project. I went back and forth on a recipe for him for a long time. Once I figure out the hat, the rest came together. I am satisfied with the result and happy that I can display him with the rest of the figures of the Battle Corps.

What is Leatherneck without Wetsuit? Another late years figure to get a couple of repaints, I went with the orange Wet-Suit rather than the yellow one. I have always thought that this version was cooler. Of course, you cannot go wrong with black and orange, in my opinion. This was one of the easier figures in this project. I used the Rise of Cobra Eel as a base, which is almost completely black to start. I was able to use spray paint on the accessories and most of the orange parts, so I avoided to frustration of working with that color.




  1. Wetsuit looks fantastic! I would love if that figure were available in stores! The Cobra webgear looks really good painted orange.

    Leatherneck isn't bad, either. He's definitely bright and really does have a Safari vibe. Great choice of the ROC Ripcord gun to fill in for the Sky Patrol rifle.

  2. Thanks! These are two of my favorite from this project. Although he is simple, I think Wetsuit works well. Leatherneck is not quite as bright yellow in person, but I wanted the pants very yellow and they came out nice.