Friday, 12 July 2013

Battle Corps Month Day 12: Grunt and Heavy Duty

The early to mid ‘90s wasn’t all about neon colors and spring-loaded accessories. There were other things happening in the GI Joe franchise. One of those things was the return of 12 inch figures. Branded as ‘’Hall of Fame’’, Grunt and Heavy Duty were introduced in 1992 and were part of a 6-figure line-up. They were meant to be ‘’Basic Training’’ versions of the characters and only included their khaki outfits and a rifle.

I thought that would be fitting to include a homage to this era of the 12’’ figure. Also, Grunt has always been my favorite Joe ever since 1982. I have always like the simplicity and the little green army man feel of the character, so including him in this project was a no-brainer for me. Here are my takes on Grunt and Heavy Duty.

These are really simple, but it had not occurred to me before to make regular Army fatigues figures. These will be displayed inside my Pit. They can man computer consoles or be repairing vehicles. I may go back and make more characters in ''plain'' uniforms.



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