Thursday, 11 July 2013

Battle Corps Month Day 11: Flint

Originally introduced in 1985, Flint has been a Warrant Officer, a member of Tiger Force and an Eco-Warrior during his GI Joe career. In 1994, Flint got a makeover and a new specialty. He was now a desert paratrooper. This Battle Corps version of the character is liked by some, despised by others and forgotten by most. However, it is a pretty interesting figure in my opinion. It has a military like color scheme and a new beret-less head.

This is one of the last customs I made for this project. I could not figure out the head and headgear until the very last minute. Once those were in place, the rest came together quite well.




  1. Looks good. Desert paratrooper was certainly an oddly specific job title for Flint, but this figure was a great version of Flint in desert camo (or another version of Dusty). I'd love to see someone attempt to take Flint's giant orange BFG and make it smaller and more compact. It seems like an interesting weapon.

  2. Thanks. I'll have to take a closer look at the launcher he came with. It's an aspect of this project that I haven't paid much attention to. A few of my upcoming customs will have some spring-loaded stuff with them, but they will be taken from all the RoC stuff I have laying around.

  3. I thought this version of Flint was barehanded? If I were to correct this, I'd use the lower arms from the Cobra disguise Flint with the hands of Croc Master.