Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Battle Corps Month Day 10: Heli-Vipers

Battle Copters were one of the many gimmicks that Hasbro attempted in the 1990s to revive the Joe brand. The concept was simple: Attach a figure to a helicopter backpack, pull on the ripcord and watch the whole thing take off. As a figure, Heli-Viper was a Franken-Joe. That is, it had no new parts. Its head was taken from the 1985 Snow Serpent and his body is from 1989 Night-Viper. The colors are where the train falls off the tracks: 2 shades of purple and bright reddish orange. 

A bit hard on the eyes.

Nevertheless, embracing my inner-neon means accepting the wackier aspects of GI Joe and this fits the bill.

Although the original Heli-Viper came in 1992, a year before Battle Corps was formally introduced, I thought that the figure would fit in well with this project. Here is my take on a modern version of the Heli-Viper.



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