Monday, 1 July 2013

Battle Corps Month Begins! Day 1: Duke

July is Battle Corps Month at my Blog:
The ‘’A Real American Hero’’ (ARAH) line started in 1982, when I was 6 years old. That means that by the time the 90’s rolled around, I was out of GI Joe and interested in more teenage things.  Recently, I have taken another look at this period of GI Joe history. Some of the figures are actually quite interesting and I have now embraced my inner neon with such customs as my version of the Battle Corps HEAT Viper:

Making these, as well as 1992 version of Gung-Ho,

was so much fun that I wanted to revisit this era of ARAH.
Every day during the month of July, I will be posting a new Battle Corps related custom.  So, check back here often to see new stuff.
I started this project as a way of using some of my less used parts and colors. My goal was to make cool customs in a common theme without breaking the bank. The objective was to buy as few parts as possible to complete this. I wanted to use the parts at my disposal in new and interesting ways. So, in a way, this can be ‘’Battle Corps on a budget’’. 
Let’s kick this off with GI Joe’s most well-know first sergeant. In fact, aside from Snake Eyes, Duke is probably the best known Joe, period. In 1993, Hasbro released a new version of the team’s ‘’first shirt’’. The design was heavily influenced by real world US Army soldiers. From the fatigues and the helmet to the tan and brown desert color scheme, the figure is definitely one of the more realistic from the later years of Joe.  This is my modern take on the figure.




  1. I don't you'd need another Duke if they put something like that out.


  2. Thank you. Maybe Hasbro will revist this era for inspiration a little more often? They are always looking for new ways of repainting Duke and the other core characters. They have already given us some Ninja Force Storm Shadows and Snake Eyes. I'll keep my fingers crossed.