Monday, 3 June 2013

Spare Parts Brigade: Major Bludd

A few months ago, while organising my custom fodder, I realised just how much of it I had: entire bins of spare figure arms, legs, heads, legs, etc. More than I could ever use. During, the last few weeks, I have been piecing together figures from all this fodder. One of the results was the Battle Corps HEAT Vipers I posted last week. Here is another entry to my Spare Parts Brigade.

This one came about while I was looking at Super Sonic Fighters Major Bludd released in 1991. Unfortunately, at the time, he was clad in blue and yellow. It was a good mold, but the wrong colors for the character. In 2000, Hasbro rereleased that mold of the good Major in the Real American Hero Collection. This time, he was sporting his traditional brown and black color scheme. My custom is loosely based on this version of the figure.



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