Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Project Retro: Wolverine and Cover Girl

When I did ''Project Retro'' last year, there was more stuff than what I showed off. I started on several other figures and vehicles. With the Holidays fast approaching, time constraints and real life caught up with me and I put the project aside. I intented to pick it up during the winter months, but it didn't work out. Recently, I have been digging out a few work-in-progress projects, dusting them off and attempting to finish a few. The Wolverine was planned but never finished (or started, really).
A few weeks ago, while attending a local ToyCon, one of my good GI Joe buddies - LatinJoe from JoeCanuck.com - sold me a Wolverine at a great price. I knew that this was my chance to get this project done. The vehicle is painted in the same color as my desert VAMP II, Whirlwind and others from Project Retro. The stickers are extras that I had from previous projects.
What is a vehicle without a driver? In the early days of the Sunbow cartoon, Cover Girl was dressed in green and long, flowing blonde hair. My custom is based on this version of the character. I'm not crazy about the head or the lower arms, but until I find better ones, these will do.


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