Friday, 14 June 2013

GI Joe Train!!

Well, this is it. This is the result of about 5 years of planning and slowly buying train cars.

A little background. At the very start of ARAH 1982-83, Tyco put out a GI Joe HO-Scale electric train set (Pic is from

I drooled over this set for a long time. I already had an electric train, so I didn't ask my parents for another. Instead, I played with the one I had and added some green army men and accessories and pretended that it was a GI Joe train. I even played with my regular ARAH figures even if the train was wayyy to small.

When I got back into Joes (2005ish), I discovered that in 1991, Hasbro was thinking of releasing this (again, thanks to Yojoe for the pic)
It never made it to store shelves, but when I found out about it, it reawakened my childhood memories.

About 5 years ago, I decided that it was time to finally make the train that I always wanted for my Joes. I looked into different scales of trains that I could buy and modify. One day, I bought a Playmobil box car on super clearance for 5$. When I stood ME Joes next to it, it looked good, so I set out to buy all the cars and the engine and paint them. After a few false starts and waiting for the latest Playmo train to arrive, here it is: My GI Joe train!

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  1. Wow... I am as green as this train when it comes to making these projects and I hope someday to make something that looks remotely like this, but for now I don't even know how to paint this kind of creations! Well done and hats off for you as a developer and creator. I have just started a year ago collecting vintage gi joe and I have Always missed the logistic vehicles like this one and the Orca for example. I have bought a playmobil poseidon yesterday to try and make a boat that looks like yours (but not too much ;-)). Any tips?

    Anyway you are an inspiration for those who lack the ideas like me and an example for custom builders in the whole world. Love your work! Excuse the spelling as I am from The Netherlands.