Saturday, 27 October 2012

Create A Con Set

I've been busy with other stuff lately so I haven't had a chance to publish anything for a little while. Hopefully this post will up for that. The latest Group Project has been posted over at This one was a little different than usual. Rather than have a common theme for all participants, for the 50th Group Project, we were allowed to go back into the the GP archives and pick any project that had been previously done. I decide to create a convention set. This theme came up a couple of years ago, but I was not able to participate at the time.
 I call the set: Operation Cajun Badger - Battle in the Bayou

For this project, I wanted to emulate the type of offerings that the GIJCC put out every year. I had a few criteria:
-         Lots of paint apps
-         No (or few) modified parts
-         Weapons and accessories are all (mostly) from Hasbro’s Joe line
-         Vehicles are all from Hasbro’s Joe line

I really wanted this set to “feel” like an authentic Club set. I pretty much stayed within these self-imposed guidelines. I only broke these rules a couple of times. My justification was that the Club has been tooling up new parts (on a limited basis) in the last few years.

Mission Roster G.I. Joe:                                                                             

-         Flint, Team Leader
-         Muskrat, Swamp Fighter
-         Crosshair, Sniper
-         Leatherneck, Marine
-         Pathfinder, Jungle Fighter
-         Wreckage, Demolitions
-         Shipwreck, SEAL
-         Torpedo, SEAL          
-         Wetsuit, SEAL
-         Wet-Down, SEAL
-         Topside, Naval Support
-         Deep Six, Naval Support
-         Crazy Legs, Parachute Trooper


Transcript of General Hawk’s Briefing:

A rocket was launched two hours ago from Cobra Island, in the Gulf of Mexico. The rocket’s payload was an experimental satellite armed with a particle-beam canon. Once in orbit, this canon would be powerful enough to destroy areas up to 10 miles across with one blast. Thanks to quick thinking from Mainframe and Sparks, we were able to launch a missile volley from the Flagg to take down the rocket. However, it wasn’t destroyed. The rocket crashed somewhere in the Louisiana swamps.

Cobra has already dispatched a team to retrieve it. We believe that they sent two of their best agents. Colonel Bludd is leading the team and Copperhead was sent because of his swamp fighting expertise. They are leading a squad of Jungle Vipers and will be meeting up with Range Vipers already in the area.

Because of the importance of this mission, we’ve assembled all of GI Joe’s best swamp, jungle and amphibious fighters. Flint will be in charge. Your Tomahawk is waiting on the tarmac to take you to the Jane II. Deep Six and Topside will meet you there. Good hunting! Yo Joe!

About the Set:

Join the GI Joe team on its most important mission yet. Relive the excitement of the 2013 GI Joe Convention in Minneapolis with these exclusive figure sets and souvenirs.

Exclusive Convention Set includes 15 figures: 1000 Available – 395.00$ each
-         Flint
-         Muskrat
-         Wreckage
-         Leatherneck
-         Pathfinder
-         Cross Hair
-         Major Bludd
-         Range Viper x 4
-         Jungle Viper x 4

Exclusive Navy SEAL Souvenir 3-Pack includes: 500 available – 95.00$ each
-         Wetsuit
-         Shipwreck
-         Chief Torpedo

Exclusive GI Jane Crew Souvenir 2-Pack: 500 available – 65.00$ each
-         Deep Six
-         Topside

Exclusive Cobra Swamp Viper Souvenir 2-Pack: 500 available – 65.00$ each
-         Swamp Viper x2

Exclusive Parachute Drop Figure: 500 available – 35.00$ each
-         Night Force Crazy Legs

Exclusive Large Souvenir Vehicle: 500 available – 75.00$ each
-         Cobra Night Mocassin w. Copperhead

Exclusive Medium Souvenir Vehicle: 500 available – 55.00$ each
-         Cobra Black Star Satellite w. Demolition-Viper

Exclusive Attendee Bonus Vehicle:
-         GI Joe Salamander Assault Raft w. Wet-Down

BONUS: Membership Renewal Figure Preview: Sneak-Peek
This was a really fun project (the Joecustoms GPs usually are). Thake a look at all the entries here:
P.S. The prices are shown simply so simulate the GIJCC's format. These aren't for sale.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Concept Colors Customs

A few this each year, over at, board members vote on Group Projects. These projects allow customizers to work on a common theme in different ways and to really push ourselves to try new techniques and grow and learn as customizers.

These are 3 customs I made for the "Repaint Central" Group Project. The goal was to take production figures and repaint them. No parts swaps or modifications were allowed, just slap some paint on a figure that Hasbeo made and that's it.

I wanted to have a unifying theme to my customs and I've always been intrigued by various concept sketches and early color tests that Hasbro did before settling on final colors for their figures, so I decided to paint modern figures in their early concept colors.

Also, check out the other entries for the Repaint Central GP:



25th Anniversary Vehicle Drivers

I loved the 25th anniversary Joes when they came out. They were a big step up in the evolution of action figure construction and a great way to reboot the GI Joe brand. Unfortunately, Hasbro left our collections with a few holes by not releasing all of the classic 80's characters. They have made a few additions in the last year with Airtight, Lifeline and Sci-Fi and the GI Joe Collectors Club has also stepped in to fill some of the void. However, Hasbro is going slowly and the club is very expensive. Fortunately, I love to customize and I'm slowly making my own classic characters to complete my collection.

Here are a few vehicle drivers done up in 25th style: Cover Girl, Rumbler and Ice Viper