Sunday, 25 June 2017

GI Joe: Redemption Character Posters

New teasers for PHX Custom's upcoming project. Join us here July 1st when we kick things off.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Concept Renegade Back Up

Back Up was a concept for a Renegade on Sergeant Slaughter’s team originally conceived sometime in the ‘80s (probably circa 1985-86). In 2016, a concept drawing for the character was shown by Dan Kligensmith on Facebook. To my knowledge, that is first time that anybody outside of Hasbro learned of the existence of this concept character.

The two-week challenge for Custom Celebration 11 was to create a custom based on the 1987 movie, either Renegade or Cobra-La. I had forgotten about this picture and found it while looking for inspiration for the challenge. As it turns out, Back Up came together pretty well with modern parts. For the color scheme, no official one exists. I decided to make him an ex-member of the Steel Brigade that was reprimanded under suspicious circumstances and shipped to Sgt Slaughter to be reformed. His color scheme flows from that back story.

Head: AVAC cast
Torso, scarf, beret: 50th Falcon
Arms: 25th GI Joe Trooper
Vest: 25th Beachhead
Legs: Poc Steel Brigade
Hands, gun case, knife, holster, pouch: Marauder Task Force

Monday, 20 March 2017

Spy Troops & Valor vs Venom Heavy Duty

I have a special two-for-one today.

I have wanted to make a new sculpt version of Heavy Duty since bucky and I worked on Project New Sculpt in 2014. I have been waiting for the right head to come along. In 2016, with the release of the Heavy Duty/ Stiletto 2-pack, the right parts came along. I quickly assembled a WIP. However, I could not decide which color scheme I liked best. I decided to try to make two different versions and fortunately I had all the necessary parts to make that happen. I settled on the Spy Troops and the Valor vs Venom versions.

Head, lower arms: 50th Heavy Duty
Torso, upper arms: Retaliation Roadblock
Legs: 25th Copperhead
Gauntlets: PoC Firefly
Backpack: RoC Arctic Snake Eyes



Thursday, 16 March 2017


Here is another custom that I can't take credit for. This custom is heavily ''influenced'' by Stronox’s terrific Barbecue. I did make some small changes. Personally, I like the 25th gear as it is vintage accurate, so I kept it. I also gave him a removable helmet and his signature red hair. I added a holster on the right hip so he can carry a sidearm. Color-wise, I kept the clean look to match my previous customs.

Head: 25th CG Fred
Torso, upper arms, backpack, gear: 25th Barbecue
Lower arms, legs: Renegades Hazard Viper
Helmet: RoC Flash
Holster: MTF

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

LBC USS Flagg Deck Crew Member

This custom was made for Custom Celebration 11's 48 hour Lazy Boy Custom contest. As such, painting was not allowed. I'm submitting this custom as is. However, now that the contest is over, I may go back, tweak the recipe and paint some parts as well as make a few more crew members. 

Head: Marauder Task Force
Helmet: Vintage Blowtorch
Goggles: 50th Dusty
Torso, arms, legs: 50th Duke
Vest: Star Wars Luke