Saturday, 6 July 2019

#1053 and #1054 - Action Force Skip and Action Man

#1053 - Action Force Skip

Over the last few years, I have slowly been building new Action Force members and updating older customs as well. For the longest time, my custom Skip consisted of a RoC Dennis Quaid head on an Ultimate Battle Pack Stalker body. It worked well for a while, but most of my Z-Force characters are now built using modern parts, so it was time to upgrade Skip. I used the same parts recipe as for my 2Para figure as the originals were repaints. I added the MTF webgear.

Head, beret, harness and pouches: Marauder MTF
Torso, arms: 50th Firefly
Legs: ROC Snake Eyes

#1054 - Action Man

Action Man is a character that I honestly don't know that much about. To me, he is one of the figures included in the Valor Vs Venom GI Joe Night Force 6-Pack. He stood out in that set as he was the only one wearing orange. Since I'm a sucker for New Sculpt era customs, I have been meaning to make this figure since I saw HypnoHustler’s excellent version during 2017's Custom Celebration. Since the Mercer torso is already orange and the head and arm colors match, there was not much painting involved on this one.

Head: Indiana Jones German Motorcycle driver
Torso: BBTS Mercer
Arms: 50th Dusty
Legs: 50th Snake Eyes
Harness: 25th Steeler

Sunday, 30 June 2019

#1050, #1051 and #1052 - Action Force Hunter, Commander and Jammer

#1050 - Action Force Hunter

The original Hunter figure was a repainted Cobra Officer. I have made a few customs of this character in the last few years. In each case, I purposely stayed away from Cobra Trooper parts to try to make the character distinct from his Cobra roots. However, each time I was not completely satisfied with my customs. This time, I decided to make him as close to the reference material as possible. The only change I made was the helmet as the Cobra helmet is a bit too recognizable.

Head, torso, arms, legs: POC Cobra Trooper
Harness: 25th Cobra Officer
Helmet: Marauder MTF

#1051 - Action Force Commander

The Action Force Commander has been on my customs to-do list for a while. I had previously tried my hand at building this character a few years ago. At the time, I tried to re-invent the look by giving him jacket and camouflaged pants. It worked fine at the time. However, I eventually wanted to make a vintage accurate version. The original figure was a repaint of the Red Shadows Black Major figure (or the vice versa). Accordingly, my Commander custom shares the same parts recipe as my previous Black Major custom.

Head: Indiana Jones German General
Torso: RoC Snake Eyes
Upper arms: 25Th Cobra Commander
Lower arms: 25th Crimson Guard
Legs: ROC Cobra Commander
Feet: 50th Low Light
Hands: Marauder MTF
Collar: AVAC cast

#1052 - Action Force Jammer

I made a custom Jammer a few years ago. It was simply an Ultimate Battle Pack Stalker with a PTE radio backpack and some red paint on the beret. It was fine for my Action Force shelf for a while. However, I upgraded my GI Joe Stalker build recently and I have also been updating all of my older Action Force customs as well. So I figured that I would update my Jammer custom while I was at it. This meant a painting a complete figure, but I much prefer it to my previous LBCish Jammer.

Torso: ROC Snake Eyes
Arms, legs: DG Duke
Beret, hands: Marauder MTF
Webgear: 25th Stalker

Monday, 10 June 2019

#1048 and #1049 - Action Force SAS Stalker and SAS Panther

#1048 - Action Force Stalker

The original Stalker figure was a repaint of Snake Eyes. I have made a few customs of this character in the last few years. In each case, I purposely stayed away from Snake Eyes parts to try to make the character distinct. Snake Eyes is easily the most recognizable character in GI Joe history, so making Stalker different has proven a challenge. Also, my previous custom used a lot of 25th era part, so I wanted to modernize it as much as possible. By using the Steel Brigade Delta head, I believe that I am closer to my final version of this character.

Head: Steel Brigade Delta
Torso, arms: PoC Steel Brigade
Harness: 25th Snake Eyes
Legs: Retaliation Snake Eyes

#1049 - SAS Panther

I have been making Action Force customs for a few years now. My various teams, SAS, Z-Force, etc, are filling in with members. However, I have not made any vehicles until now. The original SAS Panther was a great re-use of the original VAMP. The black chassis with the yellow highlights really pops. Several customizers have already made modern versions of the Panther, but I wanted one for my shelf, so here it is.

All: 25th VAMP

Saturday, 8 June 2019

#1047 - Action Force Sparrow Hawk

Sparrow Hawk has been on my Action Force customs to-do list for a while. However, I had not taken the time to figure out how to replicate his head/helmet/mask. Looking at the original figure in the Blood for the Baron reference book, the Firefly head solution came to me. After that, the rest of the parts just fell into place. With that, I added one more SAS team member to my Action Force customs shelf.

Head: PoC Firefly
Helmet: 25th Pilot Scarlett
Torso, arms, legs, parachute harness: Retaliation Airborne

Thursday, 6 June 2019

#1045 and #1046 - SAS Stake-Out and Quickfire

#1045 - SAS Stake-Out

Stake Out and Quickfire were on my list of Action Force customs to do for the longest time. Looking through Blood for the Baron's reference book, I realized that they are basically the same figure (identical construction and color scheme except for Quickfire's gray camouflage)

I was originally only going to make one of the two. However, I decided to change the recipe for Stake Out and deviate a bit from the source material. He will be wearing a sweater rather than a jacket. I kept his recipe super simple and he did not need much painting, only to cover up the Arashikage logo on his arm and some detail work on his head.

Head: 50th Low Light
Torso, arms: PoC Snake Eyes
Legs: ROC Snake Eyes
Webgear: 50th Firefly

#1046 - SAS Quickfire (SAS Commando)

Since I was originally only going to make one of the two, I decided to change the recipe for Stake Out and deviate a bit from the source material. That gave me the option to build Quickfire as close as possible to the original figure.

Head: Spy Troops Chief Torpedo
Torso, upper arms: 25th Arctic Snake Eyes
Lower arms: PoC Steel Brigade
Legs: ROC Snake Eyes
Webgear: 50th Firefly

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

#1044 - Action Force US Paratrooper

I have a growing collection of modern styled Action Force customs on my shelf. Up to now, I have mostly focused on the named characters when selecting which customs to make. However, I recently received Blood For The Baron’s Action Force reference book. Looking at older figures from the line, I spotted a couple that I wanted to translate to modern era. US Paratrooper is one of those figures that reminds me of little green army men, so I could not resist. His simplicity made this a quick project.

Head: Marauder MTF
Torso, arms: ROC Pit Commando
Upper legs, parachute rig: 25th Ripcord
Lower legs: 25th Firefly
Helmet: Captain America