Sunday, 12 January 2020

#1067 General Blitz V2

After I refreshed my black uniformed custom of General Blitz, I turned my attention toward the red version. This is a figure that I have never made a custom of. However, since Marauder released German bodies in red, this custom was actually easier than the black version since it required less paint.

Since I integrated Blitz into Destro’s forces, I added some gold accents to tie him into the Iron Grenadier colour scheme.

All: Marauder MTF

Saturday, 11 January 2020

#1066 General Blitz

I previously made a custom of General Blitz a few years ago. The base was a Marvel Red Skull figure. It worked for the time, but was a short figure. Also, Marvel figures construction is quite different from GI Joe figures, so the custom stood out (not in the right way) amongst my other figures.

Marauder’s World War 2 Kickstarter and product line has opened up a whole host of possibilities for customs. Several Joe characters have WW2 uniforms and General Blitz is one of them. The black uniformed German soldier body is practically perfect for this character. All that was required was a little gold and red paint.

After I was done painting, I decided to integrate the Iron Army into Destro’s forces. Blitz is now one of Destro’s field commanders.

All: Marauder MTF


Thursday, 9 January 2020

#1064 Oktober Guard Schrage and #1065 Krieger

#1064 Schrage

After building Colonel Brekhov from Marauder's excellent World War 2 figures, Schrage was next on deck.

I reread the original Marvel issues that the Oktober Guard appeared in. I realized that Schrage has a few different looks. To create my custom, I went with the look that he appeared the most frequently.

#1065 Krieger

On the back page of the second GI Joe Yearbook, Schrage appears in a green uniform that is clearly based on German styling. This makes sense since he hails from East Germany. I used parts from Marauder’s World War 2 German figures to recreate the look. I liked the build, so I decided to make this a new character - Krieger.

My Oktober Guard so far:

Wednesday, 8 January 2020

#1063 Red Mantis

OK, this barely qualifies as a custom. It is about as LBC as the come, but why not

Red Shadows stickers on an Operation Crimson Sabotage ASP = Red Mantis.

Photographed with my custom Hyena (also made from Operation Crimson Sabotage), Black Major and Red Jackal.

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

New Year Update and #1062 Colonel Brekhov

Happy New Year everybody! I hope the Holidays were good to you this year and maybe Santa even brought you some Joe-related fun.

I was fortunate enough this year to get some time off to recharge my batteries and get some customizing done. I will post some new stuff in the next little while. Also, principal photography for our next Resurgence chapter is done. Post-production will begin shortly. That chapter will be posted in mid-February to coincide with Toy Fair as well as annual Customs Celebration.

So let's get to it. Santa did bring me some toy-related goodness this year. A week before Christmas, my Marauder MTF World War 2 Kickstarter goodies arrived. Marauder once again raised the bar when it comes to quality. These figures are terrific. They brought a wealth of new head sculpts, weapons, uniform types and accessories to the parts pool. Since they offered up Russian-style figures, it won't come as much of a shock that the Oktober Guard's leader, Colonel Brekhov, was one of the first figures I assembled.

#1062 Colonel Brekhov

I previously made customs of the Oktober Guard at the beginning of the 25th Anniversary, in 2008-2009. Not surprisingly, those customs are quite dated now. A while back, I pulled all those customs off the shelf with an eye to update them. Then, Marauder announced the World War 2 Kickstarter campaign, so I decided to wait for the Russian soldiers before undertaking the project. Now that those figures have arrived, I am glad I waited for them. They offer so many customizing possibilities. Colonel Brekhov was built using only Marauder parts.

Thursday, 31 October 2019

#1061 (DEF) Rapid Fire

#1061 - (DEF) Rapid Fire

Two versions of Rapid Fire were released by Hasbro in the 1990s. The first was an ARAH figure that included a VHS tape. The figure sported an orange, lime green and blue uniform. The second, lesser known, was a 12" figure dressed in a realistic urban camoflage uniform and included an array of weapons. Dubbed as an "ultimate commando", I wanted to include this version in my "Battle Corps Month" project in 2013. However, I ran out of time, resources and motivation and the idea was shelved.

During Custom Celebration in 2018, bucky submitted a custom to the LBC contest and that gave me the inspiration to get this character done. Since Rapid Fire is decked out in urban camo, I am adding him to my DEF team. This custom has almost no paint, he is simply parts swaps.

Head: DG Duke
Torso, upper arms, legs: ROC Rollbar
Feet: 50th Low Light
Forearms: 25th Cobra Flint
Helmet, goggles: 50th Hit & Run
Backpack: ROC Elite Viper
Vest: 50th Duke